This course is an examination of the intellectual and institutional history of the University that leads students through a chronological exploration of key events and significant presidents. Among themes to be considered are European antecedents, developments in faculty, changes in student life, curricular alterations, as well as the maturation of the built environment. Significant attention is paid to the evolution of the religious context of the school, which was a vital component of the University's identity for several centuries. The recorded lectures are from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences course Religion 1513.

Meet The Author

Stephen Shoemaker

Stephen Shoemaker

Lecturer on the Study of Religion, Harvard University

Stephen Shoemaker holds a PhD, AM, and ThM from Harvard, and an MDiv from Princeton. He teaches primarily in American religion, and his research focuses on the history of religion within American higher education. He is currently working on a book that traces the developments in religion at nineteenth-century Harvard.

PhD, Harvard University

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