A rigorous introduction to statistics for students intending to study economics and other quantitative fields. Examples are drawn from finance, decision analysis, and economic decision making. In addition to descriptive statistics, probability, inference, and regression modeling, this course also covers portfolio creation, decision analysis, and time series analysis. Students with prior exposure to introductory statistics will find some overlap of material but will be exposed to new applications and learn more advanced modeling techniques. The statistical software package Stata is used. Harvard has a site license for the software so it does not need to be purchased. The recorded lectures are from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences course Statistics 104. Students may count one of the following courses toward a degree, but not all four: STAT E-100, STAT E-101, STAT E-102, or STAT E-104.

Prerequisite(s): high school algebra.

Meet The Author

Michael I. Parzen

Michael I. Parzen

Senior Lecturer on Statistics, Harvard University

DSc, Harvard School of Public Health

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