Visible Thinking, an approach to teaching thinking developed by Project Zero, has two goals: to deepen content learning and to cultivate students’ thinking skills and thinking dispositions. Now used by educators around the world, Visible Thinking is designed to be used in all subjects, all grades, and in a range of educational settings.

This course explores three themes at the heart of Visible Thinking: thinking routines, thinking dispositions, and documentation of student thinking. You will try out practices related to these three themes in two settings — first among your peers in learning groups and then in your classrooms or other learning environments. In addition, you will explore research related to Visible Thinking, learn to integrate its practices into curriculum, and collaborate with colleagues to assess student thinking.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Learn about thinking dispositions and explore ways to encourage students to develop them.
  • Understand how thinking routines encourage deep thinking and learning.
  • Explore the relationship between thinking routines and the documentation of student thinking.
  • Explore how collegial study groups can enrich understanding of student thinking.
  • Identify thinking dispositions and thinking routines you will incorporate into your practice.

Meet The Author

Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson

Director of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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