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Learners who complete an online course are eligible to receive a digital certificate of participation that can be used to apply for continuing education credit* from their state or school district. *Please note that participants are responsible for working with their state or district to determine credit requirements.

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Does Harvard University offer continuing education credits directly?

No, we do not offer continuing education credits directly. Learners who complete our online courses will be eligible to print a certificate of participation that can be used toward applying for continuing education credits from most states and school districts. Documentation varies by course provider. Click the "Take course" button to learn about specific documentation provided by the course content provider.

What do I need to receive continuing education credits?

State requirements vary regarding continuing education. Please check with your accrediting body to ensure our course satisfies any such requirements. We recommend doing this before enrolling.

How do I determine the instructional hours for a course?

Hours vary by course. Click the "Take course" button to learn about the number of instructional hours for that course.

Note: Harvard Graduate School of Education Professional Education courses will provide a certificate of participation and a letter confirming the amount of hours awarded during the program. For HarvardX courses, you determine the hours of instruction by multiplying the course length (number of weeks) by the maximum course effort (hours per week). For example, the “Leaders of Learning” course is six weeks long and the effort is 2-4 hours per week, so you would multiply 6 (weeks) x 4 (hours per week) to determine 24 instructional hours.

How do I enroll in a course?

To enroll in a course, you must click the “Take course” button to get enrollment information from the course content provider.

Who can enroll?

Most courses are open to all learners, while some courses require participants to have certain academic degrees or equivalent work experience. Click the "Take course" button to get enrollment requirement information from the course content provider.

How much do courses cost?

Cost varies by course. Please check the specific course for fee information.

You can audit all HarvardX courses for free. You do not receive a certificate if you audit a course, but you can print your Progress page for the course if you want evidence of your achievement. A Verified Certificate, available for a fee, may be required to demonstrate course completion. Please check with your state or district to determine what documentation is required.

What is a Verified Certificate?

Verified certificates are available for HarvardX courses and can provide proof that you have completed a HarvardX online course. These certificates require you to verify your identity using a webcam and a government-issued ID. Verified certificates are available for a fee and are awarded for a passing score that varies per course. For more information about Verified Certificates, see the edX Verified Certificates page.

Does every online course use the same format?

Courses vary in format, ranging from self-paced to facilitated and from individual enrollment to group enrollment. To learn more about a specific course, click on the “Take course” button and review the course provider’s website.

Have more questions? For questions not covered here, please visit our Online Learning Portal FAQ.

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