What you'll learn

  • Consider, discuss, and determine what practices you intend to keep, discard, and/or rethink for the forthcoming year, and what has or will become part of your core teaching methodologies for the future
  • Identify emergent practices for using media and technology to support children and young people from the perspectives of social, emotional, and cognitive development
  • Consider specific issues relative to the forthcoming year, including the concept of learning loss and re-entry anxiety
  • Explore the foundational research and theories underpinning practical strategies
  • Apply your learning through concrete, practical action-planning and strategizing
  • Engage in an active community of practice with educators from around the world

Course description

This workshop applies toward the Certificate in Media and Technology for Education.


This new four-week, asynchronous workshop will help educators in both the K12 and higher education sectors identify and reflect on best teaching and learning practices that have been explored during remote education and incorporate those learnings into future plans. You will be provided with the space, opportunity, and support needed to reflect, assess, and plan for the forthcoming school year in an intentional, guided, and research-based manner. We will share a range of resources, articles, and models to help you think about what would work best for you, your students, and your system. The workshop is lightly facilitated with an emphasis on developing a community of practice. You will reflect on the wins from your 2020 - 2021 experience that you want to bring forward. You'll synthesize how to use what you learned to enhance equity, inclusion, and excellence for all learners.

The program is designed specifically and intentionally for both higher education and K-12 educators at all roles and levels. The experience is differentiated to ensure relevance and applicability for participants. There are opportunities for collaboration among and across role-alike groups.


  • Faculty Chair of Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning, Adjunct Lecturer on Education
  • Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies
  • Professor of Education, faculty co-chair of Deeper Learning for All

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

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