Course description

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), the most common type of dementia, is one of the most feared and devastating conditions associated with old age. This course will provide an update of the rapidly accumulating knowledge of this field, highlighting what clinicians need to know about diagnosis, current standards of treatment, and the future of Alzheimer’s care. Through a case study, course participants will become aware of the early presentation and course of the illness, and of the need to identify and treat potentially reversible contributions to cognitive decline. We will emphasize the ways in which AD leads to progressive impairments in a patient’s cognition and behavior that can profoundly alter one’s interpersonal relationships and daily activities. Currently approved treatments for AD that aim to ameliorate cognitive and behavioral symptoms will be reviewed. Finally, we will address the underlying pathophysiology of AD that will allow course participants to have a greater understanding of the disease-modifying treatments that currently are being developed.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Medical School

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