Musculoskeletal AnatomyX invites students to join basic science and clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School (HMS) to learn about several musculoskeletal injuries commonly seen in clinical practice.

For each case, students visit the HMS Clinical Skills Center to observe the initial patient encounter and physical examination by an orthopedic surgeon. Following the patient encounter, students complete the interactive gross anatomy, histology and radiology learning sessions essential for understanding the case. The anatomy learning sessions include observing actual dissections in the Harvard Medical School anatomy laboratories revealing and explaining the human anatomy relevant for each clinical case.

After completing the case learning sessions, students review pertinent radiology images, commit to a tentative diagnosis from a list of differential diagnoses, and accompany the patient to a virtual operating room to observe the surgical treatment.  In the virtual operating room, students observe narrated videos of actual surgical procedures.

Clinical content for each case is developed in close collaboration with leading orthopedic surgeons and radiologists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

This course will contain videos, photographs, and other content, including anatomical images and videos showing cadaver dissection, that some people may find offensive, disturbing or inappropriate.

Meet The Faculty

Trudy Van Houten

Trudy Van Houten

Dr. Trudy Van Houten has taught anatomy and histology to Harvard medical students for over 20 years. She designed, launched, and currently directs or co-directs the advanced clinical anatomy elective for fourth-year medical students, two preclinical anatomy electives, structured anatomy reviews for surgery clerkship students, an advanced surgical anatomy course for general surgery residents at the Harvard-affiliated hospitals, and the core first-year anatomy course. Dr. Van Houten has developed novel anatomical dissection strategies and learning materials based on clinical procedures and surgical approaches. She is the recipient of numerous teaching awards including the HMS Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching and the Irving M London award. She has been nominated for the HMS Faculty Prize every year for the last 10 years.

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