This course examines the role of corporate responsibility as a strategy to improve products, profits, and brand equity. The idea of corporations as simply wealth-creating organizations with no obligations to the environment is no longer acceptable. Globalization and increased transparency of corporate operations have revealed significant variations in how organizations attempt to balance the pursuit of profits and good corporate citizenship. Expectations for measurable progress of corporate environmental programs addressing natural resources, pollution controls, monitoring ethical supply chains, and expanded training of employees are growing globally. Stakeholder expectations have accelerated the need to monetize these initiatives. However, the lack of standardized methodology and metrics has resulted in confusion within many industries, hindering progress. Tracking sustainability progress within organizations has often revealed tremendous opportunities for growth.

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Meet The Faculty

Charles Bradford Allen

Charles Bradford Allen

Associate Professor of Management, Plymouth State University

Charles Bradford Allen received his BA in management from Merrimack College in 1986, an MBA and Masters in education with distinction from New Hampshire College in 2000, and his PhD from Southern New Hampshire University in 2007.

Allen has extensive experience in the high tech industry, working at leading companies such as MCI Telecommunications and Computer Associates. He has published widely in the field of renewable energy marketing and corporate responsibility strategies. Allen was the director of global sustainability services at Technology Business Research in Hampton New Hampshire, where he created a number of benchmarking methodologies that helped evaluate the financial impacts of sustainability initiatives. In this role, he worked with many of the world's largest information technology companies including Dell, IBM, and EMC Corporation.

Allen teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate business programs at Plymouth State University. His recent research examines the monetization of sustainability and how multinational corporations implement applied corporate responsibility. Allen teaches a graduate-level course in applied corporate responsibility and co-teaches international marketing with Dr. Nick Nugent for the Harvard Summer School. Allen is an avid traveler and in the last few years has been to Australia, Romania, Prague, Warsaw, Bermuda, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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