What you'll learn

  • Identify your leadership style and your blind spots
  • Understand psychological pitfalls in decision making and how you can set yourself up for success
  • Coping with stress and pressure to maximize better decision making
  • The importance of self-awareness, especially cognitive biases and the illusion of rationality

Course description

Designed for first-line and mid-level managers positioned to take on increasing leadership roles in their organizations, this online program analyzes the symbiotic relationship between leadership and decision making. It combines theory and practice to inform participants on how effective decisions can be made, as well as how bad decisions can be avoided. Attention will be paid to research in neuroscience on the dual aspects of the decision-making process: intuitive vs. rational, and the respective values of both.

Participants will leave with learned tools and strategies to expand their ability to become more confident leader and decision makers.

Note: This online offering is a condensed version of Becoming a Leader: Developing Your Style and Making Sound Decisions and will run over two days (3.5 hours per day).


  • Director of Management and Finance Programs at Harvard Division of Continuing Education
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