What you'll learn

  • Audit and enhance your decision-making skills
  • Understand the core elements of negotiation
  • Transfer your knowledge of negotiating and decision-making to colleagues
  • Testing and implementing new ways to improve results company-wide
  • Achieve optimal results in key negotiations
  • Navigate challenging environments

Course description

As organizations adapt to the new post-COVID-19 market conditions, they must also navigate new working relationships among colleagues, clients, and vendors. During this time, your ability to negotiate can make or break your company's—and your career's—success. In this live online program, you will develop the psychological insights and practical skills needed to bargain more effectively, make better decisions on the spot, and consistently deliver results.

Working individually and in teams, you will engage in virtual exercises and simulations that test and develop your personal skills as a negotiator and decision-maker. After conducting these representative, relatively simple negotiations, you will discuss the results with faculty and peers and assess the specific actions that produced different interactions and outcomes. Through complementary case studies, faculty presentations, and small group discussions, you will explore additional principles and techniques you can apply to your own negotiations and interpersonal interactions.

The program takes place over two weeks, with 3-4 hours of live, synchronous classes daily, as well as a recommended welcoming session. Class sessions will take place via the Zoom platform. You will also have ample opportunity for interaction with faculty and peers inside and outside the class sessions.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Business School

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