What you'll learn

  • Change the way your company approaches executive compensation
  • Address external factors influencing compensation strategies
  • Design executive compensation with a strategic view
  • Develop an effective compensation plan
  • Create and implement compensation committee processes

Course description

Executive compensation has become a flashpoint issue for board members, institutional investors, regulators, and the media. Examining critical market and regulatory issues, this board leadership program enables compensation committee chairs and members to design more effective compensation programs. You will explore best practices for aligning executive pay to business strategy and company goals and for meeting shareholder expectations as the regulatory climate evolves.

Focused on developing practices that link executive rewards to corporate goals, this board leadership program will help you excel in your compensation role, make better decisions, and guide your organization through the complex issues related to executive compensation. Through a rich learning experience that includes faculty presentations, case studies, and small group discussions, the program explores key questions across a number of critical areas.

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