Course description

Much is to be learned about the recent pandemic that has stalled our lives and has challenged science and medicine. This interactive, discussion-based course is designed to highlight the most recent developments in medicine, diagnostics, vaccine design, and epidemiology to combat COVID19. The course is organized and delivered by an immunologist with a research program in Infectious diseases. The course covers general mechanisms of anti-viral immunity and vaccinology, thereby facilitating greater understanding of how the challenges of the disease could be solved, what needs to be done, when and, potentially, how. We focus on cellular receptors for the SARS-CoV2 and molecular mechanisms of invasion of host responses. We discuss what can be done to interfere with these processes and understand the results from past and ongoing clinical trials and the importance of neutralizing antibodies and how their activities can be leveraged for therapies. Using real-life clinical cases, we make connections between disease manifestations, cellular responses, immunity, and infection; suggest therapies; and attempt to explain how a single virus can cause so many diverse pathologies.


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  • Harvard Extension School

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