What you'll learn

  • Practice intentional self-development
  • Identify a high-level leadership goal and make progress toward that goal
  • Apply the tools and practices used within this learning community to further your development within the context of your workplace and personal life

Course description

Leaders often underestimate the power they have to make change. By paying attention to our personal growth, we can deepen our impact as leaders.


In Developing Myself, you will learn the importance of intentional self-development and use a variety of tools to support that development. Practices like deep listening, the ladder of inference, and testing big assumptions will help you to improve professional relationships, diagnose challenges, and achieve personal leadership goals. You will leverage both the relationships you will form with others in the module and existing relationships within your current contexts as invaluable resources for your growth. The concepts and tools offered in this module will help you develop your capacity to diagnose and respond successfully to the complex demands inherent in systems-level education leadership.


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