What you'll learn

  • The theory and methods of differentiated instruction and how it can serve all learners
  • The dispositions, skills, and actions for agile teacher decision-making
  • Individual and group learning routines that meet the diverse needs of learners
  • How to evaluate student needs, curriculum, and daily routines to assess where differentiation needs to occur and how it can be implemented
  • How to adjust instruction, plan classroom routines, and choose help resources through the use of a practical four-step method
  • The skills necessary to measure the impact of differentiated instruction on student learning and to ensure it is aligned with established standards in your system

Course description

By using a four-step teacher decision-making framework and implementing structured classroom routines rooted in research on cognition and motivation, you will increase equity, access, rigor, and engagement for all students. This program will prepare you with the agile thinking required to analyze problems of student learning and then make decisions to adjust and differentiate instruction within given time and curriculum constraints.


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