What you'll learn

  • Understand the dimensions of global competence
  • Make the case for global education programs in your school or district
  • Recognize the significant barriers to advancing global education and explore strategies for overcoming them in your context
  • Gather resources for your global education toolkit

Course description

How can we prepare our students to be engaged global citizens? What is global competence and how can we cultivate it in our students? How can we make the case for global education in schools?

Educating Global Citizens, an online professional development program for K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders, begins with an introduction to global education. Professor Reimers and other specialists then focus the conversation on global competence, what it is and why it is important. Participants will identify barriers to global education in their context and will learn from examples of schools already incorporating global competence in K-12 systems. Finally, participants will explore strategies for advancing global education, building a toolkit to inform their future work.

The program is a mix of self-paced learning, facilitated group discussion, and job-embedded learning that will help educators understand, advocate for, and implement strategies for global competence with their students. Participants will learn tools and tips from the online lessons that they can weave directly into practice in their classrooms or schools.


  • Ford Foundation Professor of Practice in International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

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