What you'll learn

  • Understand the current status of and challenges facing education and child development in the U.S.
  • Envision a more effective system for meeting children’s and society’s needs

Course description

How can we better prepare all children to succeed in education and in life, especially those affected by poverty? What type of system of supports and opportunities do we need? Is our system of education capable of delivering on the promise of educating all students at high levels? How can our systems of child development and education be redesigned to meet the challenges of the 21st century? How can we work across sectors to build and sustain this system over time?

Education Redesign: Building 21st Century Systems of Child Development and Education is an online professional development program for policymakers and civic leaders, K-12 educators, community-based providers, healthcare and social service representatives, and those committed to helping all students thrive. Based upon the research of HGSE Professor Paul Reville and his team at the Education Redesign Lab (EdRedesign), the workshop explores why current education reform efforts are failing and how we might work to design a “new engine” to drive better outcomes for all. Participants will examine current research on the persistent correlation of socioeconomic status and student outcomes, as well as EdRedesign’s efforts to build a cradle-to-career system that allows all children to succeed. These efforts include helping to develop local children’s cabinets, creating Success Plans, using data to measure impact and progress, leveraging multiple financing strategies, and driving a movement to sustain this collective work.


  • Francis Keppel Professor of Practice of Educational Policy and Administration
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