What you'll learn

  • Consider the design features of a new education model that leads to 21st century outcomes for all
  • Examine the cultural and political implications of school redesign
  • Spark a conversation in your community to begin the work of building a new education model

Course description

What type of learning system do we need to deliver 21st-century outcomes for all students? What will it cost? How do we continue day-to-day work in schools and across districts while making this dramatic shift?

Education Redesign is an online professional development program for school leaders, education policymakers, K-12 teachers, and those committed to helping all students achieve success. Based upon the research of HGSE Professor Paul Reville at the Education Redesign Lab, the workshop explores why current education reform efforts are failing and how we might work to design a “new engine” to drive better outcomes for all. Participants will explore current research on student achievement and the persistent correlation with socioeconomic status and consider three areas of focus that could produce the type of overhaul our children need: personalized learning, health and social services, and out-of-school opportunities.


  • Francis Keppel Professor of Practice of Educational Policy and Administration
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