What you'll learn

  • Learn to influence and persuade others without formal authority, and increase your overall interpersonal and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop communication strategies for different business situations and audiences
  • Learn how to create a compelling structure for your messages that moves your audience to action
  • Develop meaningful insights and convey recommendations more effectively
  • Cultivate your personal leadership and communication style to connect authentically with your audience
  • Practice how to deliver difficult messages and achieve desired results

Course description

As your responsibilities grow, your communication skills can help you succeed—or hold you back. In any business role or function, you must be able to convey your ideas in ways that drive thoughtful debate, consensus, decisions and action for organizational effectiveness.

This online program is designed for individuals interested in developing essential communication skills to become more persuasive and credible communicators within a variety of settings. You will learn strategies, practical tools, and proven techniques to sway a group to your point of view and help you project a more polished and professional image. From one-on-ones to large groups, and from informal settings to formal presentations, you will become a more confident communicator.

Through large and small group activities and real-time feedback, you will put these techniques into practice, test out new approaches, and learn to communicate with greater poise, clarity, and conviction. You’ll leave the online program with the skills needed to successfully interact with others in professional settings.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded. The online version of Effective Organizational Communication will be delivered in its entirety over two days (seven hours online per day). The November iteration of this program includes an inquiry-based approach to interpersonal communication and considering the impact of gender on organizational communication. It will not cover learning skills to deliver impromptu messages and communicating in a crisis.


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  • Professional Development Programs

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