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This course focuses on the use of enterprise social media and collaboration technology available to today's organizations. Organizations in today's world are increasingly distributed and include remote members and global locations. Organizations are also tapping the power of social media networks to engage with customers, build brand and product awareness, and collaborate and innovate with their customers, partners, and employees. Social media and collaboration technologies provide immediate communication and exchange of information that replaces or supplements the traditional internal and external communication methods. We examine the principles that allow organizations to engage successfully in e-collaboration. We analyze external and internal uses of social media networks for organizations, including refocusing of business strategies and operational processes to incorporate social media communication. We review and access tools that allow team members to communicate with each directly. We also review the tools that allow delayed communication where the members do not all have to be present at the same time, such as enterprise social media networks and team collaboration tools. Effective tools for broadcasting information internally and externally are also discussed.


  • Director of Software Engineering and Quality Assurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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  • Harvard Extension School

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