This course provides a comprehensive overview of website development. Students explore the prevailing vocabulary, tools, and standards used in the field and learn how the various facets—including HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, multimedia, scripting languages, HTTP, clients, servers, and databases—function together in today's web environment. The course provides a solid web development foundation, focusing on content and client-side (browser) components (HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, multimedia), with an overview of the server-side technologies. In addition, software and services that are easily incorporated into a website (for example, maps, checkout, blogs, content management) are surveyed and discussed. Students produce an interactive website on the topic of their choice for the final project and leave the course prepared for more advanced and focused web development studies.

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Meet The Faculty

David D. Heitmeyer

David D. Heitmeyer

Senior Manager of Academic Platform Development, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Harvard University Information Technology
David Heitmeyer serves as the Senior Software Product Architect/Engineer of iCommons for the Office of the University CIO as well as an instructor for the Division of Continuing Education.

AM, Harvard University

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