The Faculty of the Harvard Medical School is committed to disseminating the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible. With research ranging across the medical sciences, this collection reflects the high-quality output of HMS's exceptional faculty, students, and researchers, and includes nearly 10,000 articles and over 100 electronic thesis and dissertations. 

This collection is offered through the Office for Scholarly Communication, which was formed in 2008 with a charge to the University Library from the Harvard Provost to spearhead campus-wide initiatives to open, share, and preserve scholarship.With support from OSC, open-access policies are now in place in more than half of the Harvard schools. These policies were voted on by the faculty and grant an automatic license to Harvard for scholarly articles authored by faculty members. 

Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard (DASH) is the University-wide, open access repository used to house articles that fall under the faculty open access policies. Visitors to DASH can locate, read, and use up-to-the-minute scholarship from Harvard. DASH is crawled by search engines and indexes so a broad range of communities have the ability to discover materials in DASH. Faculty, or faculty assistants, have the ability to submit articles directly to DASH. Articles can also be emailed to OSC or faculty can request a student to help with the process.

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