What you'll learn

  • Foster the right leadership qualities in yourself and others
  • Expand your contribution through stronger leadership
  • Expand your personal and professional network

Course description

Now more than ever, companies must strengthen the foundation for success by developing strong, resilient leaders at all levels. This live online program empowers high potential leaders to overcome the increasingly complex challenges that emerge as they take on greater leadership roles, and to thrive in the midst of uncertainty and volatility. By exploring the pros and cons of diverse leadership styles and strategies, you will expand your ability to build productive teams, champion change, lead in a crisis, and create a culture of high performance.

Focused on developing high potential leaders, this program prepares you to embrace the risks and opportunities that accompany new leadership roles. You will examine the hallmarks of visionary leaders, how to communicate complex information and defend your decisions, and what it takes to motivate a diverse and inclusive workforce. In the process, you will transform your leadership approach and optimize your potential to stay on the fast track throughout your career.

Featuring faculty presentations, case studies, virtual group discussions, workshops, and individual and team exercises, this high potentials leadership program examines the distinctive characteristics that define successful leaders. The challenging curriculum is designed to spark thought-provoking debate and analysis, as well as self-reflection and personal development. You will exit the program fully prepared to lead with greater vision, drive meaningful change—and empower others to unleash their leadership potential.

The program will continue delivering value long after it ends. To help you achieve the personal and professional goals you set for yourself, the faculty will send you brief follow-up reminders. You also will be able to draw on a network of peers for advice and support as you confront ongoing leadership challenges.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Business School

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