What you'll learn

  • How to identify your challenge
  • Frameworks such as plan and control, facilitated emergence, and Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA)
  • Tools and strategies to help make implementation successful

Course description

Join with peers from around the globe for a dynamic, highly engaging online-only version of Implementing Public Policy. Over the course of six months, participants will learn the skills to analyze policies as well as the field-tested tools and tactics to successfully implement them. In an action-learning environment, including robust peer engagement and application to your work with the support of faculty, participants will have time to work on their implementation challenge, apply their learning to their own context, reflect on their experiences, share and learn, and become part of a global community of practice.

Course outline

  • Phase 1: New Ideas for Better Policy Implementation

    7 weeks

  • Phase 2: Devising Your Action Learning Strategy

    1 week

  • Phase 3: Action Learning

    14 weeks

  • Phase 4: Final Reflection

    3 weeks


  • Edward S. Mason Senior Lecturer in International Development

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Kennedy School

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