What you'll learn

  • Integrate into practice Instructional Moves – high-leverage teaching strategies – that foster productive student-centered classroom discussions
  • Develop a deeper understanding of available research on the topic of classroom-oriented discussions and how this research can inform and refine teaching practices
  • Learn to challenge existing assumptions around classroom discussions, especially the role of the teacher
  • Reflect on ways to identify Instructional Moves around equity that encourage students from all backgrounds to find their voices and more fully shape the direction of group discussions
  • Learn how to leverage small group discussions

Course description

Engaging. Respectful. Equitable. Illuminating. Purposeful. Good classroom discussions in higher education embody all of these elements – and more. Yet while an increasing body of research demonstrates the importance of effective student-centered discussions, ensuring classroom exchanges consistently achieve this level of quality often presents a challenge – particularly for early-stage professors or graduate students about to enter the teaching profession.

Instructional Moves: Making Classroom Discussions More Inclusive and Effective, a new two-week online workshop from Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, builds on the resources offered in Instructional Moves, an HGSE project that promotes high-leverage teaching strategies. Featuring Harvard faculty, the program offers new higher education educators a roadmap for strengthening classroom discussions, new insights that can help them match teaching strategies – or “moves” – to specific discussion scenarios, and opportunities to learn from Instructional Moves experts and fellow participants.


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