This course is a continuation of CSCI E-10a, with an emphasis on object-oriented programming using Java, one of the world's most popular programming languages. We begin with the implementation of abstract data types using classes, focusing on encapsulation of procedures and data, inheritance hierarchies, and polymorphism across different object types. Other topics include string processing, multidimensional arrays, ArrayLists, Vectors, and linked lists; streams and file I/O; recursion; exception handling; threads and event-driven programming; and graphical user interface design using the Swing classes. The course concludes with an introduction to RISC machine architecture and aspects of compilers and operating systems. Programming exercises are conducted in a cloud-based Linux environment. Students can count two of the following three courses—CSCI E-10a, CSCI E-10b, and CSCI E-50—toward a degree. They cannot count all three toward a degree.

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Meet The Faculty

Henry H. Leitner

Henry H. Leitner

Senior Lecturer on Computer Science, Harvard University.

Henry Leitner is the associate dean and chief innovation technology officer for the Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University. He created and directs the Master of Liberal Arts in information technology program. As senior lecturer on computer science, for more than two decades Leitner has taught large introductory computer science courses and other advanced courses for Harvard Extension and Summer Schools, as well as Harvard College. In 1999, he received the Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award, and in 2006 he was honored for 25 years of teaching at the Extension School. He co-founded Articulate Systems, Inc., a company that pioneered the use of voice recognition technology on the Apple Macintosh computer. He helped to found the Indian Computer Academy, a nonprofit institute based in Bangalore, India, and currently oversees the distance education program at DCE. He received his master's degree and his doctorate from Harvard University, and his undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

Harvard University, Ph.D.

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