What you'll learn

  • Define health disparities vs health care disparities and the factors that lead to each
  • Identify the role of social determinants in health and health care and strategies for addressing each
  • Recognize the role discrimination plays in health care and health care delivery

Course description

This HMS CME Online course is 1 of 5 course modules in the Health Care Disparities: An Introduction program, which is targeted to physicians (both primary care and specialists) and other care providers who need to be aware of these disparities and understand how they may impact the health of individual patients as well as the health of societies. Another target audience is researchers and policy-makers who need to be aware of the social determinants of health and health care and methodologies for studying and addressing them.

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Course outline

  • Introduction to the Mechanisms of Health Disparities is organized as follows:

    An Overview of the Mechanisms of Health Disparities: Panel Discussion
    Introducing the Panel
    Definitions: Health and Health Care Disparity
    Differences, Disparities, and Discrimination in Health Care: Conceptual and Methodological Issues
    Social Determinants
    Panel Discussion

    CME Posttest

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Medical School

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