What you'll learn

  • How to analyze classroom tasks to understand their ability to achieve intended outcomes
  • How to apply principles of adult learning to assess and (re)design opportunities for professional learning, including learning that happens in meetings
  • How to identify and evaluate the way race intersects with learning across the system
  • How to innovate with sharp, user-centered problems

Course description

This module is designed to help leaders get their attention back on the part of their job that matters most: leading the learning of adults and children.

In this module, you will examine how learning happens at every level of a school system, from classroom tasks to meetings in the central office. You will learn to use design thinking to become more imaginative and purposeful about how learning happens as well as consider the intersection of racial identity and learning. You will investigate systems that are pushing the limits of what education can look like, considering the following questions: What does (or could) the future of learning hold, and what will it require of us as leaders? As a culminating activity,  you will articulate a problem related to leading learning in your system, develop a plan to address the problem, test your plan, and reflect on the process and your learning. 

The Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL) provides education leaders with the skills to create transformational, system-level change. Completion of this module can be applied towards the CAEL certificate.


  • Senior Lecturer on Education; Faculty Director, Doctor of Education Leadership Program
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