Part of the Executive Education Online Leadership Series at Harvard Kennedy School, a series of unique online programs where participants work in groups, engage in live classes and office hours, and complete assignments by applying the concepts and frameworks they learn to their own organizations. Participants are able to utilize techniques and faculty feedback in their work as they progress through the programs and achieve immediate impact.

Leading an effective nonviolent struggle demands new ways of thinking and strong collaboration among many diverse groups. Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Progress is Harvard Kennedy School’s newest online executive program designed for leaders and activists from social movements; communities building alternative institutions; and those working at both local and national levels to affect social change. Presented in collaboration with the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, this innovative five-week course explores the conceptual frameworks for effective leadership through learning modules focused on building collaboration, strengthening the strategic capacity of leadership teams, tactical flexibility and innovation, and negotiation.

 The curriculum is presented in ten two-week modules focused on:

  • Building unity through articulating a strong vision of tomorrow and negotiation within a spectrum of potential allies
  • Choosing appropriate strategic targets: Impacting allies and adversaries
  • Strategies, tactics, and the mobilization of numbers and constituencies
  • The disciplined imagination of planning: Planning forward and planning backward
  • Managing the end game: Understanding the processes of consolidating victory, maintaining unity, and planning for effective transitions

October 15–November 16, 2018 | Application Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

Meet The Faculty

Douglas A. Johnson

Douglas A. Johnson

Faculty Chair and Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

Professor Douglas A. Johnson, Faculty Chair, is the Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Lecturer in Public Policy. He has been a committed advocate of human rights since the 1970s, when he chaired the Infant Formula Action Coalition also known as INFACT. It launched a boycott against the world’s largest food corporation, Nestle, to force it to change its marketing practices. He also co-founded the International Nestle Boycott Committee, which had a collective membership of 40 million members and grew to include 120 major national  organizations. Johnson has served as a consultant on strategic planning to human rights organizations in Latin America, as a consultant to UNICEF and the World Health Organization on an international marketing code for breast milk substitutes.

This program will also be taught by Srdja Popovic and Slobodan Djinovic, founders of the Centre for Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) and leaders of OTPOR! resistance movement credited with the downfall of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

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