What you'll learn

  • Build your understanding of digital disruption, and the market-driven forces that allow disruptors to succeed today
  • Learn how to build temporary and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Discover how and when to recreate your business model to support your digital approach
  • Understand and exploit your unique customer value proposition
  • Build a digital strategy that focuses on the customer
  • Link your digital approach to your organization’s capabilities

Course description

In a fast-changing, competitive marketplace, leaders are often asked to take on highly visible roles and drive digital disruption. But challenges can arise when the definition of digital isn’t consistent, and when there’s a nagging sense of doubt about what you should be doing to move forward. To stay ahead, leaders must understand how disruption impacts them and develop new capabilities that can drive their own digital transformation.

In order to do this, leaders must have a clear roadmap for developing their organization’s digital strategy. This requires an understanding of how to evaluate the marketplace, to identify your competitive strengths, and  how to design a unique business approach that addresses all of your strategic priorities in a coordinated, and technological way. 

In this highly interactive 6-week online program, you will learn how to shift to compete in the digital economy and what you should offer in a digital marketplace. You will acquire the skills and strategy you need to become an effective digital leader and help your organization successfully transform itself to meet the ever-changing needs of its marketplace and customers. The concepts you gain in these sessions are the frameworks and management strategies that will help you know where to drive your digital transformations, how to ask the right questions, and where to invest in your digital strategy.


Associated Schools

  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education

  • Professional Development Programs

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