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  • Accelerate growth and prepare to scale
  • Lead a digital transformation
  • Leverage emerging opportunities in the marketplace
  • Sharpen your competitive edge with a stronger business model
  • Expand your personal and professional network

Course description

Digital innovation—including blockchain, machine learning, and big data is revolutionizing the finance industry,  creating new challenges for both startups and incumbent firms that are competing for market share. To succeed in this environment, startups have to build, fund, and grow an innovative operation that can outperform larger companies, while incumbent firms have to rethink their offerings and digital capabilities to safeguard against disruption. In this live online program, you will explore best practices for managing these issues, consider the latest breakthroughs in fintech, and establish a game plan for your company—whether you're driving or defending against disruption.

This program will enable you to navigate a shifting competitive landscape and make strategic decisions that will position your firm for growth—whether you work in the credit, insurance, asset management, or real estate market. You will develop a deeper understanding of the frictions that fintech aims to address; discover ways to overcome adoption barriers and quickly scale your business; and learn how to manage disruptive threats posed by agile, data-driven competitors. You will also gain a critical lens for distinguishing between innovations that offer sustainable value versus fleeting benefits.

Leveraging Fintech Innovation to Grow and Compete—Virtual incorporates multiple learning methodologies, including case studies, interactive faculty presentations, guest speakers, and small-group discussions. Drawing on the experience of fintech leaders, investors from venture capital firms, and executives from traditional financial institutions, this program will present a series of real-world cases—including Goldman Sachs, Ant Financial, and Zillow—that focus on topical issues at the intersection of financial services and technology. You will explore a broad range of topics that cater to both entrepreneurs from fintech startups and executives from incumbent firms.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Business School

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