What you'll learn

  • Develop strategies to care for patients suffering from PTSD and other trauma-related disorders, including their comborbid symptoms of depression, sleep difficulties, and substance abuse.
  • Assess, diagnose, and treat PTSD and trauma-related disorders in civilians, first responders, and veterans.
  • Describe patterns of trauma responses around the globe and different manifestations of trauma-related sequelae.
  • Define the role of the mental health practitioner in violence prevention.
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating medical and psychiatric care in the face of trauma.
  • Develop strategies to treat trauma patients from a multicultural perspective.

Course description

This is an accredited, livestreamed course with faculty from McLean Hospital. This course is targeted to Primary Care and Specialty Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Physicians Assistants, and Psychologists. This course may also be of interest to physicians who practice in Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychology and Mental Health.

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Course outline

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Associated Schools

  • Harvard Medical School

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