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This course undertakes a multidisciplinary exploration of reproductive function in humans, including physiology and evolution as well as the impact on behavior and society. Examples in other species ranging from seasonal reproductive physiology and behavior in deer to effects of testosterone on songbirds' vocalizations and behavior help provide perspectives on the complex process of human reproduction and the intricacy of its regulation by hormones. The ability of humans to understand and manipulate the influence of these hormones has had an impact on our lives, healthcare system, and society. The impact on society ranges from significant advances in women's health to passionate controversies on limiting reproduction to scandals involving androgen use in sports. The impact of androgens and estrogens on cognition and behavior is an evolving field in neuroscience, business, and politics.


  • Director, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Program, Maine Medical Center.

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  • Harvard Extension School

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