What you'll learn

  • Map out key concepts derived from each Learn module and create an implementation strategy tailored to the goals and challenges specific to your own professional environment.
  • Upon completion of all four Learn modules, if you haven’t registered for the full series, you will receive an invitation to complete this final module.

Course description

Offered through the Zaentz Professional Learning Academy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Certificate in Early Education Leadership (CEEL) is designed to provide leaders with the core knowledge, management skills, and tools necessary to build and advance high-quality early education across learning environments.

The CEEL Portfolio consists of three carefully crafted series. Each of the three series includes four instructional Learn modules that build participants’ core knowledge in key areas, including early learning and development, adult learning, and leadership and management. The fifth module is a Plan and Apply module designed to support participants as they map key learnings and to create and implement a plan tailored to their site and work. Participants may take the Learn modules in any order but must complete all four Learn modules in a series before they take the Plan and Apply module within that series.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

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