What you'll learn

  • Maximize effectiveness at the table
  • Design the process to gain advantage
  • Engineer the deal
  • Implement a strategic planning process for any negotiation
  • Maximize value for the long term

Course description

The most successful negotiators not only master the use of interpersonal tactics at the table, but they also understand the critical role of creative deal design and techniques away from the table. This live online program gives you a framework for taking a 3D view of negotiations. Working alongside experienced faculty who have authored pathbreaking research on negotiation, you will learn how to choose and align optimal setup, deal design, and tactics to maximize your outcomes in complex, high-stakes deals and major disputes.

Immersed in a rich and focused learning experience that includes faculty presentations, group discussions, stop-action videos, and case studies, you will consistently explore how the world's best dealmakers plan and navigate complex negotiations. Through an in-depth examination of the three dimensions of negotiating—setup, deal design, and tactics—you will learn how to weave together a series of mutually reinforcing decisions and activities to drive optimal results.

After assessing the full set of your interests, you will learn how to set the right target deal. You will learn how to perform a 3D audit of the barriers that stand between you and your target deal. This will allow you to design a 3D strategy: a customized and aligned plan of deal setup, deal design, and tactical moves both at and away from the table that give you the best shot at overcoming the specific barriers you've identified in order to achieve your target deal.

You will also participate in several carefully designed interactive simulations—beginning with simple two-party deals and moving to complex, multi-party, multi-issue negotiations. These negotiations bring to life the importance of strategic planning and the improvisational skill necessary for effective deal execution.

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Business School

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