What you'll learn

  • Develop an understanding of the concept of maker-centered learning, its contemporary origins, and its implications for education.
  • Become familiar with an instructional framework designed to support maker-centered learning.
  • Be able to thoughtfully develop maker-centered learning experiences to meet the goals of your home learning environments.

Course description

Maker-centered learning not only offers opportunities to learn about new tools and technologies, it requires certain thinking skills — such as navigating uncertainty, adaptability, collaborative thinking, risk-taking, and multiple-perspective taking — that are critical to engaging and thriving in a complex world.

Drawing on research from Project Zero’s Agency by Design project, this course offers classroom teachers, maker educators, administrators, and parents an opportunity to explore firsthand maker-centered learning practices and the opportunities they afford. Discover what kinds of tools might best support this kind of teaching and learning, and examine the benefits (to both young people and facilitators) of engaging in this work. Through hands-on, collaborative activities, consider how maker-centered experiences might fit into your own contexts.


  • Director of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
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