What you'll learn

  • Deepen your knowledge of UDL and develop a better understanding of how it can be applied across various learning environments--both brick and mortar and remote/virtual
  • Learn the principles behind “variability” – the neuroscience associated with UDL that states all individuals learn in unique and different ways
  • Gain a solid foundation of design thinking and how it can provide educators with a process to discover, frame, and address meaningful problems
  • Create a UDL action plan that addresses your problem of practice 
  • Receive monthly virtual support to enact your UDL action plan
  • Connect with a network of educators to collaborate and support diverse learners in your schools and classrooms

Course description

To address the remarkable variability among students in today’s diverse learning environments, educators are increasingly turning to Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL offers a framework for guiding the design of learning opportunities that are inclusive and challenging for all learners. 
In collaboration with CAST, a nonprofit organization that has pioneered the development of Universal Design for Learning, Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) now offers Universal Design for Learning: Exploring UDL through Cycles of Design, Action, and Reflection. By participating in this flexible yearlong learning community, including a foundational virtual institute and an interactive online support network that continues throughout the school year, participants will deepen their understanding and application of UDL. Participants will be supported to design and iterate on an action plan that addresses a problem of practice from a UDL perspective, and receive continuous support in implementing, reflecting on, and refining their action plan. Further, participants will build connections and become a part of a virtual community that will support them to deepen and sustain their UDL practice into the future. 


  • Director of Research and Curriculum for Professional Learning, CAST

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

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