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Open Access has made it possible for me to work on my Master's thesis from home. This is extremely important to me because I am the mother of a small child and it would not have been possible for me to pursue a degree otherwise as the institution that I am enrolled at only allows periodical access from the library. Thank you. —Graduate Student, Pakistan

I am looking for new approaches and information to teaching economics. Lacking open access, I wouldn't have access to articles like this. —Community College Instructor, United States of America

Soy estudiante de la Licenciatura en Filosofía. Muchos de los libros, artículos, conferencias, etc, que se requiere para la licenciatura no se consiguen en Uruguay, en particular los de filosofía contemporánea, y mandarlos traer del exterior en general es costoso. Por eso es que es fundamental para mí poder tener acceso vía web. —Graduate Student, Uruguay