Course description

This course conducted mostly in Spanish is for students with little or no previous knowledge of Spanish. It provides the linguistic communicative and cultural foundations to engage in basic daily life interactions in oral and written Spanish. Students gain an overview of the history of the Spanish language and the different ways it blends European and indigenous cultures in art music clothing and family traditions. Through music visual arts videos and short readings of authentic texts students gain a new perspective of Spanish speaking cultures. By the end of the course students have the linguistic elements to describe and narrate in the present future and past and engage in different types of basic interactions and conversations about everyday topics. They learn strategies to work through texts unknown vocabulary and grammar and are able to identify informal from formal discourse and learn its importance in Spanish-speaking culture. Moreover given the prominent place of technology in our lives students also gain vocabulary for technology and learn what happens to English technical words when adopted or borrowed by the Spanish speaking world. Note this course is the equivalent of the Harvard https// of Arts and Sciences course Spanish 10.


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  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education

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