What you'll learn

  • Build self-awareness and develop a deep understanding of your authentic leadership style
  • Learn to lead with courage and conviction through challenging times
  • Increase your ability to work effectively with others in pursuit of your organization’s mission
  • Gain the tools to continue growing your leadership capabilities long after the course ends
  • Establish relationships with a global community of peers at a similar stage in their leadership journey—all without traveling to campus

Course description

Courageous Leadership is a real-time, interactive online course for mid-career professionals ready to advance their organization—and career—with greater purpose. Through live engagement with Harvard Business School Professor Nancy Koehn and feedback from a global community of fellow leaders, you’ll gain the insights and skills to enhance your leadership capabilities while making a real, positive difference in the world.

Course outline

  • Program Structure

    Courageous Leadership is offered via our real-time, interactive online classroom, enabling you to gain leadership insights you can immediately apply on the job without having to put your work on hold.

    In each session, you’ll explore methods used by one of eight iconic leaders, including:

    • Ernest Shackleton
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Frederick Douglass
    • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    • Rachel Carson
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Katharine Graham
    • Greta Thunberg

    Participants will then break into small Leadership Development Group (LDG) sessions to unpack the lessons learned and share how they can be applied to their unique work context. Through the process, you’ll reflect on your own leadership journey and identify steps you can take to navigate the next phase of your career with greater purpose.

    At the end of the course, you’ll walk away with a personal development plan, which combines lessons from the iconic leaders with reflections from the LDG sessions, providing you with actionable takeaways you can use to advance your career.


Associated Schools

  • Harvard Business School

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