Course description

This is a directing course for storytelling and some of the various forms it can take. This course is for directors interested in directing theater television and film as well as for anyone who just may be interested in learning about directorial storytelling. The course accommodates all levels of directing from beginners with no experience to advanced directors who are interested in making a career of directing. The emphasis is on telling stories that are of personal interest to you defining your story points and desired visceral impact and learning techniques to help you accomplish your vision. Through the constant creation of scenes and other short-form storytelling work students examine how to work with actors stage stories for clarity and impact and learn how to use light and sound to help tell those stories. Students also study directors who are working in a variety of innovative styles. Students are asked to use free basic video editing software for part of their work but no previous video experience is necessary. A central focus of the course is on how a director's personal experiences and passions can creatively and concretely shape their storytelling.


  • Head of Directing and Lecturer on Theater, Dance, and Media, Harvard University

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education

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