Course description

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the concept and types of negotiation. It is designed for students who wish to manage individual and organizational conflict and negotiations more effectively based on the premise that those in management positions engage in some form of negotiation daily.†Students discuss the meaning, types, and different strategies of negotiation with an emphasis on an integrative, collaborative, win-win negotiation approach.†A variety of topics are discussed including, but not limited to, workplace conflict, strategies for diagnosing, alternative dispute resolution, emotional elements in approaching negotiation and conflict resolution, psychological subprocesses, social contexts, individual differences, multiparty situations, and dealing with impasses. Students learn theories of interpersonal and organizational conflict and its resolution as applied to personal, corporate, historical, and political contexts. The course brings out the significance of leadership in approaching and managing a negotiation situation and organizational conflict resolution.


  • lawyer specializing in negotiations, international law, and international human rights law
  • Deputy Director, Institute for Resource and Security Studies, Simmons University
  • Lecturer, Labor and Employment Studies, College of Business, San Francisco State University

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Extension School

  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education

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