What you'll learn

  • Identify and practice personal and adaptive leadership strategies to better balance your complex responsibilities as a women leader, weather challenging economic times, and influence the ‘new normal’ as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Develop skills related to self-advocacy in a remote environment including how to identify and articulate your professional needs, strengths, and goals and use your power to influence in a remote working environment
  • Build your team leadership skills by learning to develop and lead your team more effectively, including understanding effective tactics for leadership, providing feedback, and resolving conflict in remote teams
  • Connect with a network of distinguished peers and acquire tools to enhance the value and power of your network

Course description

Women’s Leadership: Adapting and Advocating in a Remote Environment (WLAA) is a fully live, virtual program taught by all-women Harvard faculty to empower women in the legal professions to navigate their careers more strategically. Women lawyers face distinct challenges and these challenges are amplified by the unprecedented remote environment in which we now work, created by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Women’s Leadership: Adapting and Advocating in a Remote Environment prepares you to address those challenges by taking a close look at how to apply concepts of self-advocacy, adaptive leadership, leading teams, and negotiation in the current remote working environment. As firms and legal organizations struggle to define a “new normal”, women lawyers should have the tools to influence and shape that decision.

This online program, consisting of 4 program days spread over the course of 2 weeks, shares the rigor and diverse teaching methods of our on-campus programs. During the program you will participate in a mix of live teaching and small-group meetings, explore core leadership topics through engaging case study discussions and practice your learning in interactive workshops. Participants will leave the program with frameworks and strategies for increasing their effectiveness as leader, influencing and shaping their firm or organization’s strategy, and motivating people and teams.

Course outline

  • Curriculum Topics
    • Understanding yourself as a leader, including the unique challenges women lawyers face
    • Building and cultivating strategic relationships for success
    • Negotiating for yourself and your teams in a remote environment
    • Managing compensation and review discussions
    • Applying principles of adaptive leadership to guide your decisions to and in a “new normal”
    • Developing your personal strategic plan for impact


  • Faculty Chair, Women’s Leadership Initiative; Professor of Law, Georgetown Law; Affiliated Faculty, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University
  • Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Founder of Triad Consulting Group; Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School

Associated Schools

  • Harvard Law School

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