What you'll learn

  • Understand negotiation dynamics and how to prepare for uncertainty
  • Learn to craft agile strategy and be quick on your feet
  • Resolve small differences before they escalate
  • Secure maximum value for your organization and yourself
  • Reflect on personal tendencies and refine your approach to be more effective
  • Engage with like-minded peers from around the globe and content developed by Harvard Business School faculty

Course description

Negotiation is an essential skill in today’s dynamic workplace. Whether you negotiate with customers, suppliers, or colleagues, your ability to negotiate effectively is vital to the success of your organization.

Negotiation Mastery prepares you to close deals that might otherwise be dead-locked, maximize value creation in agreements you reach, and resolve differences before they escalate into costly conflicts. This program emphasizes an understanding of both analytical tools and interpersonal techniques for dealing effectively with different bargaining styles and tactics. 

Course Structure

Negotiation Mastery consists of approximately 40 hours of material developed by Professor Michael Wheeler and delivered over an eight week period with a flexible program structure. There is no set time to log in. You complete the coursework, which consists of a highly engaging mix of short videos, multimedia cases, interactive learning exercises, and written reflections on your own time while meeting regular deadlines. You will also have a chance to complete real time negotiations with a member of your cohort, including negotiating a real estate purchase, a long-term service contract, a job offer and retail leasing agreement. Participants are also required to complete a capstone assignment at the end of the program. All course material is delivered through the innovative HBX online platform. While there is no direct real-time interaction with the faculty built into the course, current and former participants may be invited to special events, both on and off-line, where HBX faculty are present.

The HBX Learning Model centers around the Harvard Business School case method, featuring interviews with business leaders and executives from companies around the world who candidly discuss challenges they've faced or obstacles they've overcome. We ask you to step into their shoes and engage with your peers to work through these real-world business scenarios.

Negotiation Mastery features successful industry and faculty experts from a range of industries. You will learn creative negotiation techniques with former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, explore tradeoffs in negotiations with head of Tristan Capital Partners Ric Lewis, and review the advantages of making the first offer with HBS professor Max Bazerman.

Topics covered include: 

  • Introduction to Negotiation Analysis: finding the zone of possible agreement 
  • Advanced Negotiation Analysis: creating value 
  • Managing the Negotiation Process: bargaining tactics, style, and emotion 
  • Negotiation Mastery: forging agreement within groups and organizations

Participants in Negotiation Mastery are eligible for a Certificate of Completion from HBX and Harvard Business School. To earn the certificate, participants must successfully complete all coursework by the stated deadlines and actively contribute to the vibrant HBX learning community.

Who would benefit from taking Negotiation Mastery?

Negotiation Mastery: Unlocking Value in the Real World is designed for individuals who are involved in negotiations for their organization and who want to hone their negotiation skills in order to capture maximum value. The skills taught in this course are applicable to individuals in a variety of different industries and functional roles.

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What are HBX certificate programs?

HBX certificate programs are focused on one essential business topic. They combine the flexibility of online programming with the rigor and quality of a Harvard Business School education to give participants a unique edge in their careers.


  • mike-wheeler
    Senior Fellow and Professor of Management Practice in the Negotiation, Organizations, and Markets Unit at Harvard Business School

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  • Harvard Business School

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